Ashram Programs

Throughout the year, several programs are being conducted here, at the Yoga Prana Vidya Ashram, Sri Ramana Trust.


YPV Training package for becoming “YPV Level 1 Trainer” in JUST 4 Weeks with in duration of 4 months, This In House program will be for 1 WEEK EACH MONTH. There will be a gap of minimum 3 weeks, before subsequent months. During this time, one should practice and heal and fulfill the eligibility criteria for next one-week program of each consecutive month, those who have already done up to YPV Level 3 can join in the Second month program, with recommendation from their respective trainer, all fee for each week includes workshop fee, Dormitory accommodation with bedding and Ashram food. Separate dormitory for ladies and gents. For More Details Check in Upcoming Program Section

The full moon of Taurus is celebrated as Wesak Festival and the special Buddha Poornima Meditation is being conducted at YPV Ashram. This is a very powerful meditation and doing it in Ashram with the Senior Arhat Yogis is a great opportunity to anchor spiritual energy in one’s life.

This program is held in the month of May immediately after the Wesak Celebrations. All the YPV trainers from all over the world, get together at one place and upgrade themselves so that they can contribute in Guru’s Great Vision and Mission in a better way.

The four weekly program is being conducted twice in a year, once from mid December to January and other from mid May to June. The first three weeks of this program are only for Arhat Yoga Practitioners and the last week is the healing week which can be attended by friends and family members of Arhat Yogies.

One year program is for senior Arhat yogis, where they practice very deep higher meditations and inner purification techniques under the mentor ship of Shri N. JAYACHANDER REDDY and N. JYOTHI REDDY. It is a great program which readies these Sr. Arhat Yogis to work for the benefit of humanity and to fulfill our beloved Guru’s great vision and mission.

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