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YPV Ashram In-house Program provide you the Opportunity to become “YPV Level 1 Trainer” along with “Associate Certified Yoga Prana Vidya Healer” in JUST 4 Weeks with in duration of 4 months”

This In-house workshop will be for one week on each consecutive months. There will be a gap of minimum 3 weeks, before subsequent month. During this time, one should practice and heal and fulfill the eligibility criteria for next one-week program of each consecutive month.

Those who have already done up to YPV Level 3 can join in the Second month program, with recommendation from their respective trainer.

First week: (6 days) :  YPV Level 1, 2 and 3 and Learn documentation of cases studies.


  1. Minimum 10+2 and above 18 years
  2. Proficient to read, write and express fluently at least in ONE language.

Donation: Rs. 10,000 /- per person.

Second Week: (6 Days) :  AUWA, HDP Level 1, Arhat Yoga, practice and documentation.


  1. Done first week program or done YPV Level 1,2 and 3 workshops and recommend by their Trainer.
  2. Done five documented case studies.

Donation: Rs. 12,000 /- per person.


  1. Start donating 10% net income (after tax) regularly every month as recommend, for Charitable and Spiritual purposes.
  2. Service to spread the teachings of YPV minimum 3.5 hours on an average every week.
  3. Start doing regular meditations, healing’s and purification practices as recommend.

Third Week : (6 Days) : ITW Level 1 and Two apprentices.

Written Exam and Interview on the case studies and healing techniques employed and regular practices. Issue of “Associate YPV Certified Healer” Certificate, if successful.


  1. Motivated minimum 5 students for YPV Level 1 with a proof from the Trainer who conducted the workshop.
  2. 25 properly documented case studies including 3 medically documented case studies. The medically documented case studies to be sent to Sri Ramana Trust by email and approved in advance.
  3. Donation and Service as recommend being continued.
  4. Regularly doing meditations, healing’s and purification practices.

Donation: Rs. 7500 /- per participant

Fourth Week: (7 Days) : Attend One-week Spiritual Intensive Program.

Written Exam and Interview to be cleared to teach YPV level 1 independently if successful or be directed to do one or more apprentices and later interview


  1. Done two more apprentices outside successfully under authorized trainer, with the Trainer recommendation directly to Sri Ramana Trust.
  2. Continuing doing meditations, healing’s and purification practices, Donation and Service.

Donations: Rs. 4500 /- per participant


  1. No other hidden charges. However, there are other YPV Courses, apart from the above essential minimum requirement, which one may choose to do as and when feasible.
  2. All fee for each week includes workshop fee, Dormitory accommodation with bedding and Ashram food. Separate dormitory for ladies and gents. No outside food permitted.
  3. All Ashram guidelines to be strictly followed. Need to sign and submit the disclaimer form along with application form.

4 weeks Arhat Get Together

2nd May 2020 to 29th May 2020

4 Weeks Health and Wellness Camp

4th April 2020 To 1st May 2020