YPV LIVE Sessions

Here is the Live sessions Schedule planned till 6th JUNE 2020, don’t miss the Golden Opportunity Online. with Group has Greater effect to fight against present situation.


Start your Day with powerful Morning Sadhana with Physical Exercises, Breathing, Forgiveness, Group Healing and Planetary Peace Meditation


Afternoon Breathing and Great Prayer “The Great Invocation” with Great Demand for World Peace.
Blessing the most affected countries and areas.


Evening with Physical Exercises, Breathing, Metta Meditation – Mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) for Mercy and Compassion with Group Healing

As we all know the situation is not very good in the UK in terms of the virus. We have a lot of cases here. When things had just started escalating here, I was quite stressed and worried about the situation because I live alone with my husband in London. Soon after this YOGA PRANA VIDYA had announced FACEBOOK LIVE SESSIONS where, our founder Shri N J Reddy sir come online, every day, thrice a day. And we all do breathing exercises, physical exercises & meditations together. I must say that within two days all my stress and fear had gone. They had all vanished. So I’m really really thankful to Reddy sir and Yoga Prana Vidya for arranging this at such a difficult time, where we all need to maintain our peace and calmness right now. Secondly, I would say there are so many of us are complaining about getting bored or not have enough work to do at home but I am really happily, productively occupied in these sessions right now. So, I will highly recommend these sessions to everybody. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

— Vidushi, London

We were anxious because of the way COVID-19 was spreading in America. LIVE sessions which were going on FACEBOOK which were conducted by Wing commander Shri N J Reddy sir & his team We along with my wife and in-laws ( who are visiting from India) we are attending LIVE sessions. After attending these live sessions we are physically, mentally & emotionally very strong now. My father-in-law’s blood pressure is under control. My mother-in-law’s and wife’s diabetes is under control. Since we started attending these sessions, last one month we are not having any cold & cough. Our immunity has increased and is stronger now. Not only us but three more families are also doing morning and evening sessions. And they are also feeling peaceful and feeling strong physically. We are very very grateful and thankful to REDDY SIR AND HIS TEAM.

— Anil, New Jersey, USA